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Good Food and Drinks

Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge

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Congratulations, you just survived another day at work! You deserve good food and a shot of fine whiskey at Checkmates. We are a popular restaurant and cocktail lounge in Elizabeth City, NC. We are the ultimate go-to place for individuals who want to relax and have fun. It is our goal to remind people of life’s simple yet priceless pleasures.

Give Yourself a Treat

After spending a lot of time at work, busily doing what needs to be done and excelling at whatever you are passionate about, it’s time for a special treat. Whether you want to wolf down big, juicy burgers, or are craving pasta al dente, get it all here. We also have the best pizzas in town!

Check Out Our Shows

Sing along to your favorite song, listen to this generation’s hottest bands, or dance until you drop. Do whatever your heart desires; our doors are open for you. Check out our live shows and night specials to discover what real entertainment is. Call us at (252) 331-2959 for inquiries and reservations.

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